Referring Providers

Referring Providers

We value our relationship with referring providers

We value our relationship with referring providers and believe that communication with them plays a key role in determining the best plan of care for a patient, from the initial diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.

What to Expect:

Once you refer a patient to GAP, our staff will notify you of their appointment information once scheduled, or if we encounter difficulties reaching them or getting them to make/keep an appointment with us.

Want a full list of expectations you should have as a referring provider to GAP? Take a look at our Referral Agreement.

Ways to Refer:

  • Electronically via electronic health records software Epic
  • Send a note to our EHR Direct Address:
  • Fax us using our Faxable Referral Form
  • Speak with a GAP Scheduler directly at (336) 448-2427, option 1

Medical Records:

Offices without access to medical records via Epic can request a copy of a mutual patient’s records by phone or using our faxable Medical Records Release Form, available on our Policies and Forms page.

We want your feedback!

Questions, concerns, or opinions about these processes?

  • Email us at
  • Call (336) 448-2427 and ask to speak with a member of our Leadership Team.