Our mission is to deliver the best care possible by offering a patient centered approach to those with digestive conditions and liver diseases. We accomplish this by evaluating new patients, performing consultations and follow-ups, drawing and assessing labs, administering injections, monitoring medication therapies, and performing screening, diagnostic, and/or treatment procedures.
Please have your personal calendar on-hand when you call to schedule an appointment. This helps to avoid scheduling conflicts, cancellations and appointment delays.
If you have any questions about the new patient forms, your appointment or what information is needed, call our office at (336) 448-2427. If you need to reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Preparing for your appointment:
GAP’s qualified physicians and highly trained staff are committed to providing compassionate care in an unintimidating, patient centered setting. Please take a moment to review the information below to make your appointment with us run smoothly. We welcome you to contact our staff with any questions or concerns.
> Be aware of any pre-appointment instructions. Have a pen and paper ready to write these down when you call to make your appointment.> Write down any symptoms you have been experiencing.> Write down any key personal information (recent stressors or life changes).> Consider bringing a family member or friend with you. Sometimes it is difficult to take in all of the information provided during an appointment.> Write down any questions you want to ask the doctor, starting with the most important first.

Bring to your appointment:
> A photo I.D.> Your current insurance card(s)> Relevant tests, lab results and x-rays> Doctor’s notes> Completed forms (if you’re having a procedure)> A list of your medicines and their doses (include non-prescription products such as vitamins and over-the-counter supplements)> Any other documents that pertain to your visit> Your insurance co-pay (we accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover)

Arriving for your appointment:
Please allow ample time for traffic, parking and paperwork.
We recommend that you arrive before your scheduled appointment time:Office Visits: 15 minutes priorProcedures: 45 minutes prior

After your appointment:
The providers and staff at GAP work hard to ensure that you understand your plan of care before leaving your appointment. During check-out after each visit you will be given a summary of your visit to reiterate the information discussed during your appointment. This summary can be used for future reference for an explanation of your diagnosis, any tests that were ordered, medications that were prescribed and the plan for treatment.
You can expect to receive communication from GAP within ten business days of any testing where the results were not immediately available at your appointment. Depending on their nature, these results may be relayed by phone, mail, or online via MyChart.