About GAP

Our mission at GAP is to provide compassionate, patient-centered care in gastroenterology and hepatology in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our values of teamwork, transparency and communication allow us to deliver high quality consultative services to both our patients and referring providers.
Gastroenterology Associates of the Piedmont, P.A. consists of two of the leading and longest established gastroenterology practices in the Piedmont Triad. Salem Gastroenterology Associates, established in 1979, and Piedmont Gastroenterology Specialists, established in 1957, merged in 2013 to form what is known as “GAP.”
Together, our group has utilized an evidence-based practice approach to establish a standard of excellence to patients with digestive and liver diseases.
GAP evaluates new patients, performs consultations and conducts follow-up visits for chronic gastrointestinal conditions. Our offices draw and assess labs, administer injections and monitor medication therapies. When appropriate, GAP schedules appointments for outpatient screening, diagnostic and/or treatment procedures.
The state-of-the-art equipment and sedation practices we use for our procedures safely provide patients with a more personal, convenient and comfortable and compassionate alternative than the typical procedure experience in a hospital setting.


Why does NCQA matter for our clinics?● Focuses on high-quality, patient-centered care for patients● Aims to reduce cost for our health care system● Better communication between primary care physicians and specialists● Prevents hospitalizations, ER visits, and complications● Makes the practice run more efficiently● Better management of chronic conditions


Why does AAAHC matter for our endoscopy centers?● Accreditation demonstrates commitment to safe, high-quality services● Development and adoption of nationally recognized standards● On-site reviews based on a peer-based, educational approach

We do not discriminate. See our policy here.
We offer free language assistance services to patients who do not speak English. See our policy here.
Are you interested in a career with GAP? E-mail us at .moc.igpag%40emuser