GAP offers telemedicine to patients who are interested in a convenient alternative to a traditional face-to-face visit.

  • What is telemedicine?

    Telemedicine allows patients to use the internet, phone, or other technology to connect with a healthcare provider when they cannot be with them in person. GAP uses the patient's MyChart portal along with a cell phone, tablet or computer for video appointments. For non-video appointments, a telephone may be used.

  • Is telemedicine right for me?

    Because telemedicine may not always be an appropriate form of care, you and your healthcare team must decide if it can appropriately address your your health issue.
    Some examples of appropriate telemedicine appointments are: ● Addressing your plan of care by talking about your health history and past exams or tests ● Discussing orders for testing ● Requesting refills for a medication
    Telemedicine may not be appropriate if: ● Your concerns will be best served with a physical exam ● Our provider does not have access to your health history or medical records prior to the telemedicine visit
    If you're still not sure if telemedicine is right for you, are are happy to discuss during scheduling. Please call us at (336) 448-2427.

  • Will my insurance cover a telemedicine visit?

    We recommend contacting your insurance company directly with any specific questions regarding your plan coverage. You can do this by visiting your insurance provider's website or calling them at the number listed on the back of your insurance card.

  • Will GAP collect a copayment for telemedicine services?

    Telemedicine is a billable service to either you or your insurance plan. You will be responsible for any applicable copayments, coinsurance or deductible amounts that are required by your insurance company.

  • How can I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

    To request a telemedicine appointment, call our main line at (336) 448-2427 to speak with a scheduler.