At GAP, we value our relationship with referring providers. We believe that communication with the referring office plays a key role in determining the best course of action for a patient’s condition, from initial diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care.

Once a patient is referred to GAP, there is an open line of communication with their primary care physician and/or referring provider. Our staff will relay appointment information to the PCP/referring provider at the time of scheduling, and send a plan of care along with any notes, labs, radiology, and procedures obtained from GAP within ten business days of that appointment. Any subsequent changes to the treatment plan will also be communicated with the PCP/referring provider as they occur. Want a full list of expectations you should have as a referring provider to GAP? Click  to see our Referral Agreement.

Faxable Referral Form for Non-Epic Providers:

Referral Form for Providers

Referring Provider Survey:

Provider Survey